Our Firm

Our business is people. We provide Human Capital

Our vision is to foster growth and development in Africa by utilising the unlimited potentials of students across the world.

To deliver unrivalled services to our clients & students in innovative ways that complement our vision of growth & development.

Community, creativity, loyalty, ambition, trust, stability, professionalism, support, accessibility and more.

Our customers

Our main objective is to provide students with unlimited opportunities to develop their skills, gain experience, earn money and contribute to the development of the country. We aim to do this by providing information, support and services such as student jobs - part-time, freelance temporary, seasonal and flexible jobs -, apprenticeships, internships, graduate jobs, training, money advice and many more innovative services.

Sudenthubng serves two sets of customers; student clients, and corporate clients.

Clients & Partners

We achieve our objectives by working and partnering with companies and individuals from various industries/sectors as stakeholders and development partners by connecting them with young, vibrant and innovative talents across the country. We offer Convenience and Ease Innovation and Uniqueness Quality and Best value for Money Lower prices and Affordability Excellent Customer Service Service and Personal Attention Honesty and Integrity Image Building, Branding and Name Recognition . We are committed to building a community of students across the country connected socially and environmentally with a common goal. Our network consists of; College Students, Higher Institution Students, Undergraduates, Postgraduates, NYSC Members and Recent Graduates.

We provide: Marketing, Staffing & Recruitment, Market Research, Delivery & Errand, Sales & Franchising Services.

Why students?

Students have more leisure time, they represent change, create styles, start new trends or bring back old ones, they are instrumental in deciding what is considered ‘cool’ or ‘uncool’ in the society today, they are extremely flexible and influential in deciding what goes mainstream and with the technology and social media platforms/avenues available today, they are strategically placed across the world to influence real change in almost every industry today such as; fashion, music, technology, media, etc. Apart from the indirect contributions our corporate clients make to the growth and development of the country by investing energy and resources in untapped and unlimited student talents, we make sure that our clients also enjoy direct contributions to their businesses and get great value for money

Where do we operate?

We currently operate out of Lagos, Nigeria, however, our network and community span across all states in the country. You can join our community or use our services from anywhere in the country.

Our Core Values

These are core to our value proposition, guiding and driving the way we operate and make decisions. We are committed to building and nurturing a community of FRIENDS, holding ourselves accountable to our core values enumerated below (represented with the word- FRIENDS):


We are results-oriented and results-driven. We strive to consistently create acceptable, equitable and balanced values for our key stakeholders – students, customers, workforce, investors, partners, and the public. We accept personal responsibility for our actions and results.



We value innovation as a way of unleashing the creativity of the entire community and inspiring the “innovator” in everyone. We commit to approaching challenges with enthusiasm and optimism because we are sure they produce innovations and transform lives, focusing on the creation of forward-thinking solutions to overcome them.



We are committed to excellence and professionalism. We will persistently create better ways of doing the things we do, consistently raising the bar of accomplishments and setting new standards. We will expect more of ourselves than our customers do. We will endeavour to exceed expectations in every aspect of our business.



Our characters and qualities as individuals and organization are essential to our continuous success. Therefore, nobility is our watchword in our everyday conducts – being famous for consistently showing excellent character.


Critical Success Factors

We are committed to building a world-class organization. Consequently, we ensure a clear understanding of the key to our success as stimulant to our ability to consistently operate, compete and win. Our critical success factors (CSF) are captured in the following statement: “Great people providing great services, using great platform and known by (visible to) the desired key stakeholders”


We recognise the fact that the real desire of every human being is to receive goods and services that significantly surpasses what they had initially anticipated. This very favourable experience is highly cherished, inspiring people to voluntarily and joyfully provide referrals and testimonials. Consequently, we will consistently provide great customer service and delight our stakeholders at all times. We will do this with the greatest of delight, ensuring that while we build long-term relationship with clients, they benefit from services and know that they have.


We recognize that only great people can deliver great customer service. Great people who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do drive the quality, effectiveness, reliability and credibility of our services. We are committed to nurturing a great service culture that will consistently attract great people, thereby consistently ensuring great strategies and excellent execution. Our people share our values. They are social, outgoing and friendly. They are dedicated, diligent and highly dependable.


We recognize that great platform is critical to the ability of our great people to deliver the desired great services to our esteemed customers. We strive to consistently ensure efficient processes, layered on efficient technology. We are committed to strong formal methodology, we consistently develop strong, casual and social but formalized delivery methodologies for all services. We cherish clients’ feedback and confidentiality of information and activities. Our platform is thus tailored towards providing best-in-class confidentiality and compliance, in addition to great services. We avoid bureaucracy as much as possible in our structure and day-to-day activities. We are also committed to maintaining low overhead and liability for our clients through: Maximizing abilities and simplifying roles Strong investments in quality equipment Efficient deployment of technology, social media, IT, manpower and other services Value-for-money supplies & materials